heat DOSNT matter
what is the smallest one u can find (a normal case not like the skeleton case)

so far i found the

Lian li PC-A05NB


so small the psu fits in the front

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found the panzer box but too noisy i guess ill settle with the lian li

thx for the help xD
well yeah it should be possible

by looking at this picture maks me wanna build a lanparty PC with this case
what motherboard is he using
im pulling my hair out trying to find a good looking x58 ATX board
that has (16x16x16x) or (16x16x8x) or (16x16x16x) or (8x8x8x)

all the board that i found that can do that were p55
its the evga x58 sli le i hade one before well i stille have it but its in the a box right now
btw its the same size as the evga x58 classified 3-way Sli
wow really i always thought the x58 classified was a eatx

any ways do u know any boards with that pci-e configuration when running 3 cards
yo i just found some more picture related to the first one http://www.overclock.net/case-mod-work-logs/556628-lian-li-pc-a05nb...

but u still did answer me
im pulling my hair out trying to find a good looking x58 ATX board
that has (16x16x16x) or (16x16x8x) or (16x16x16x) or (8x8x8x)
heres some good mobo's

EVGA X58 3-SLI Classified ( Dimensions 12" x 10.38" )

EVGA X58 SLI LE ( Dimensions 12.0" x 9.6" )

ASUS P6T7 WS Supercomputer ( Dimensions 12.0" x 10.5" )

i hope this is helpfull
the le is the only ATX board but looks amazing i wanted a white and black theme in the case

what about the normal x58 sli do u think its better than the LE ?
hmm well i havent tryt any other X58 then x58 sli le and the x58 classified

but there should be some reveiws on defrents x58 mobo's
btw how much well you pay for a new x58 mobo

and one more thing dont buy the XFX x58 mobo it have alot of problems
the le is perfect
thx allot
i had a spare 9500gt laying around and now i can use it for physx
thats nice and np ;)

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