High-End Custom Watercooling vs. Company Pre-Build Solution, What´s the better choice?

"People always say that building your own water cooling loop is the way to go, but are they right?  CoolIT  showed us his latest water cooling
technology versus a traditional Water Cooling loop that he built using
off the shelf parts. The results were a little shocking to be honest."

During some research in the internet I´ve found a really good performaing pre-build solution from Cool It.

“I am here to dispel two myths; one being that a good water cooling solution can’t be had for less than $150-200. And second, that all
pre-built systems are not up to par. Simply today, things are changing
and companies like CoolIT are out there providing us with the simple
answers to long time issues in the PC community. The ECO offers superb
installation along with great performance capable of contending with
extreme air cooling solutions, but it won’t break you and your wallet to
get this maintenance free system to cool your processor.”

The most important thing for me is the performance, the installation have to be as easy as possible and also important for me is the price-tag.

Well, that´s important to me. What do you guys think about custom-watercooling vs. pre-build systems ?

On my network I also have some videos and articles about this theme. I would be happy when you join me there.

Take care and many greetings.


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