Great progress with technology based on coal can give us much faster computers - already a few years.

It's carbon graph, which is interesting here. Coal is a terribly interesting material, because due to its atomic structure can create many different types of nuclear bars. 

We know of two such different modes of coal as skrivekul and diamond - it is almost impossible to believe that it is the same material. 

Graphen is another coal unusual conditions. It is almost a sheet of carbon atoms, there is only one atom thick. It gives it some very special properties. 

Firstly, it is almost a two-dimensional crystal. Secondly - and this is the most exciting in this context - as it has some special electrical properties. Atoms can move extremely fast in it. 

It is naturally occurring in nature, but not exactly in high volumes. The first, British researchers who found it, did it by pulling the coal with ordinary adhesive tape. 

It's very small pieces, you get in the way and they must be found with a microscope. 

Therefore Graphen still quite expensive, a plate on a square centimeter costing several hundred million dollars. But now it's the first time succeeded in making Graphen by cultivating it on a plate of silicon carbide. 

It is a group of European researchers, it has succeeded, and it will probably bring the price down in a huge speed. 

Researchers from IBM have already in their first attempt with a Graphen transistor got it to work nearly three times faster than the best-known silicon transistor with the same goals. 

Some researchers expect that Graphen will make it possible to make chips that run between 500 and 

1000 GHz - which is Giga Hertz - so processors there are several hundred times faster than we know. 

Graphen tolerate both heat and generate less heat because of the smaller resistance of the fabric. It is one of the reasons for the high speeds are possible. 

Best of all perhaps is that scientists do not expect it would be crazy hard to make chips based on graphs.

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